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Public Domain Stock Photos Sites

A picture is worth a thousand words. An impressive looking image in your content can provide better user experience, improve the readability & engage your fans or followers with the content easily.

An effective visual content strategy can play a key role in attracting new visitors as well as repeat ones. This also allow users respond better to visual information as compared to plain text & spend more time on your website. This is the reason why infographics have become so popular.

Another benefit of adding images on your content is that people can share the posts easily particularly on visual social content sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Here is the list of 125 plus public domain stock photos sharing sites for you to download free stock images to use your content, blog articles, for your next ebook project or for any other purpose. You can use & modify most of these photos for commercial purpose as they are with CC0 license, which means No Attribution Required.  Enjoy…

A Note About Images Using For Commercial Purpose & Licenses

All the Public Domain Image sites mentioned here have links to their terms and licenses. My purpose for sharing these resources is to provide you those image sharing sites that offer images with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license or similar, but please before using the images from this sites, be sure to check their license terms carefully as the terms may change over the course of time.

A List of Royalty Free Public Domain Stock Photos Sites

1 Pond5
2 Barn Images
3 Stock Snap
4 IM Creator
5 UHD Wallpapers
6 Raumrot
7 Photo Crops
8 Photo Collections
9 Free Images
10 Stock Vault
11 Cepolina
12 Photo Rack
13 Free Pixels
14 Free Foto
15 Image After
16 Budget Stock Photo
17 RGB Stock
18 Photo Vaco
19 Photo Gen
20 Finda.Photo
21 MMT Stock
22 Free Nature Stock
23 Visual Hunt
24 Stocka
25 Ancestry Images
26 Crow The Stone
27 Dreams Time
28 Free Images.Red
29 Epicantus.Tumblr
30 Free Mediagoo
31 Stock Image Point
32 Moveast
33 Photober
34 Pickup Image
35 Resplashed
36 A Digital Dreamer
37 Free Stock  Photos Gallery.Go Dot Media
38 Mega Pixel Stock
39 Stock.Took A Pic
40 Street Will
41 Startup Stock Photos
42 Photos.Polar Fox
43 Skitter Photo
44 Lock And Stock Photos
45 Negative Space
46 Pico Graphy
47 Get Refe
48 Photos-Public-Domain
49 Foodies Feed
50 Magdeleine
51 Public-Domain-Image
52 Je Shoots
53 wikimedia Commons
54 Cupcake.Nilsson Lee
55 Travel Coffee Book
56 Stok Pic
57 Morgue File
58 Picture Quotes
59 Bootstrapbay
60 Viral Sweep
61 Royalty Free Links
62 Easy Mail 7 Free Image Stock Photos
63 Super Famous
64 Mazwai
65 Sitebuilder Report Stock Photos
66 Kaboom Pics
67 Jay Mantri
68 ISO Republic
69 Gratiso Graphy
70 Love This Pic
71 Pic Jumbo
72 Twnsnd
73 Split Shire
74 Un Splash
75 Splash Base
76 Designers Pics
77 All The Free Stock
78 The Stocks.IM
79 Pexels
80 MMT.Li
81 Pjrvs
82 We Function
83 Life of Pix
84 Little Visuals
85 Tinyo Graphy
86 Snapo Graphic
87 Public Domain Archive
88 Free Range Stock
89 Image Base
90 Libre Shot
91 Shutteroo
92 Good Free Photos
93 Stock Media
94 123RF
95 The Light Painters Loft
96 Pixa Bay
97 Public Domain Pictures
98 Snapwire Snaps.Tumblr
99 Picnoi
100 PD Pics
101 Photo Teria
102 Public Domain Review
103 My Public Domain Pictures
104 Pic Drome
105 Viintage
106 1 Million Free Pictures
107 The Public Domain
108 Plixs
109 Old Book Illustrations
110 Divvy Pixel
111 Free Tems
112 Public Domain Vectors
113 Pic Dan
114 Free Jpg
115 Realistic Shots
116 Photos By George Yanakiev
117 Good Stock.Photos
118 Clker
119 Burning Well
120 WP Clipart
121 The Pic Pac
122 CC0.Photo
123 Stockified
124 Pic-n-Shot
125 Pixa Square
126 Picture Burger
127 Real Graphy

 Ending Note: I hope you will find these public domain stock photos sharing sites useful for your next blog post or visual project but please do check the license terms carefully before making use of the images from these sites as they can be changed from time to time.

Did I miss any Public Domain Stock Photos Sharing Site to List Here? Please let me know with your comments.

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