Five Ways to Make Money for Travel Bloggers

How to make money fro travel bloggers

Many people love traveling and explore the world. But it is not easy as one will need to take the financial aspects in mind as many people do jobs or run businesses, So it is difficult to get enough time to stay away from the job/business and travel different parts of the world. But how it seems to make money while travel the world as a travel blogger & adopt this lifestyle on permanent basis. So,

Do you want to become a Professional Travel Blogger?

Today I am going share some ideas about how you can travel the world as well as make money and forget about doing a fulltime jobs.

So, let’s start learning about some ways to make money as a travel blogger.

Travel Related Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the internet. If you are a travel blogger, you can simply join some travel related affiliate programs, put your affiliate links in your articles/blog posts and make commissions from sales generated from your affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing is such a vast field and there are so many type of methods you can use to promote affiliate programs, such as affiliate banners, text links & many more.

Some popular travel related Affiliate Programs are:

TripAdvisor , Travel Payouts , Agoda

Travel Stories & Freelance Travel Writing

There are a number of travel and tourism related sites that accept guest posts or user submitted articles. You can simply write for them and if your post is accepted for publication, many of these sites also pay good amount of cash. You need to checkout their article submission terms & conditions to find out more about their article requirement as well as the amount of money they pay. For making money as a travel blogger, Definitely you will need to focus on those sites which offer you compensation for your writings.

Some of the sites accepting Article for money are:

PathFinders Travel , Arizona Highways , Transitions AbroadDesert USA , Roads & KindomsWanderLust

Sell Your Travel Photos or Become Photo Journalist:

Photo Journalism is a well known industry, if you do regular travel, you can take a lot of travel related pictures and sell those pictures to different photo related sites and make some really good amount of money.

Some of the more popular sites where you can sell your pictures are:

TourPhotos , GettyImages , Photoshelter, ShutterStock

Note: Make sure you read their instructions and have knowledge about their photo requirements to be able to offer pictures that get accepted.

Photography is an art and it requires some knowledge & skills to be able to take perfect pictures for selling on these sites.

Travel Coach:

If you are an experienced traveler and knows a lot of stuff about traveling & tourism industry, you can teach others about it and make money. You can do this by creating online video courses & sell them on Udemy, SkillShare , Teachable & other similar platforms. Simply upload your courses, enroll students and start making money.

Alternatively, you can write an ebook about your travel & tourism knowledge and sell it on Amazon or other online selling platforms.

As a Travel Coach, you can also arrange your own tours to destinations around the world & make some good income.

Sell Your Travel Related Videos to Touring Companies:

Do you have a good enough collection of video footages captured during your travels? You may make good amount of money by selling them to different tourism companies or selling on different video sharing platforms.

For selling your videos to travel or tour companies, you need to do your homework first. Findout what destinations, your local tour companies are promoting, what kind of videos you can sell them. Once you have acquired required information, you can try to convince them how your created videos can help them promoting their tour and travel packages in more effective matter. or you can also partner with your local travel agencies and make interesting videos on demand on their required tour destinations.

Alternatively, you can also put your videos online for selling on different video selling platforms, Like FlickRocket, Vemeo Videos on Demand Program & more…

Other Ways to Monetize your Travel Blog:

If you have a blog, you can monetize it in a number of other ways to make income from it like Adsense, Selling Ad Space, Showing amazon affiliate ads about travel gear, travel accessories & more…Checkout Amazon Native Ads.

Making regular income as a travel blogger without what is usually termed as Regular Job can be tough sometimes and needs a consistent effort, courage and passion. Because sometimes initially you may feel exhausted due to regular travel or find yourself in difficult financial situation unless your blog is established as an authority site and good income has started to come every month. But on the other hand, it is fun too because as you travel & explore the world, you put your journey, experiences and passions in the form of words and making your blog for other people to learn & follow about traveling different parts of the world.

Earning a good income online with a travel blog is really possible as a lot of travel bloggers do it successfully even some in five to six figure range. To be a successful travel blogger, it is important to build an audience around your blog, share your passion & experience for people to follow. There are no right or wrong ways to make money from your travel blog with no “one size fits all” technique. To be successful, all you need is use your skills & talent to build & engage audience around your blog & monetize for maximize profits.

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