Linkbuilding Strategies for Local Businesses

Link Building Strategies for Local Business

Proven Ways For Getting Links For Your Local Business Website

Link building is still considered as the cornerstone of an effective seo strategy. According to Search Engine Ranking Factors Case Study 2015 by Moz, for higher search engine rankings, links are considered as the most valuable attribute used by google in its core ranking algorithm.

Beside link building importance, it is also probably the most struggling part of seo work for many seo professionals and firms. The reason may be the lack of information or familiarity with the current seo best practice.

As mentioned above, Link building is very important but even more important is to get links from relevant sites.

If you are a local business, there are so many ways for getting backlinks to your business site. Some of these link building strategies are discussed below.

Connecting with Associated Industry or Supplier Group

If you provide particular product or service that has some relation with other industry or supplier group, you can connect with them to obtain a valuable link for your company website.

For example, if you run a cement manufacturing business, you can make connections with builders, construction companies or real estate agencies and ask them to put your company link on their website.

Another example can be for example you run a car wash business, you can make working relationships with local auto service companies like auto repair, car detailing or even auto manufacturing companies and request for a backlink.

Third and last of many possible examples, if you provide hospital supplies like syringes, blood bags, medicines etc, you can make connections with local hospitals sites, doctor’s sites and get a valuable backlink for your website.

Local Directory Submissions

Local directories submissions also give a positive ranking signal to google that your business is based in a particular locality.

For example, if your company is based in Melbourne Australia, you can submit your business to local directories like , & many other local business directories to give your website a boost in local search engine results.

Local Niche Blogs

Find local bloggers, start a network to build working relations with them. By using effective communicating strategy, you can request them to write about your business and include a link.

Ask them if they accept guest post, this can also give you an opportunity to get a link for your business site.

Another way to get link from them is by requesting them to review your product or service.

Niche Forum Links

Niche forums are also valuable places to build links for your business site. You can get links through signature or by making a post in the forum.

Many forums also offer a specific place in their website for people to advertise their business. This may be another good opportunity to post your business and get a link.

Local Social Network Sites

There are location specific social networking sites that can help your business to get recognized by the local population. Some of these sites also offer a local directory as well where you can post your business. Example: Social Network Arizona

Getting links from Local Clubs, Charities

If you know any local clubs & charities that you support, you can also obtain a link from their websites. Many of these local clubs and organizations are happy to accept your link at a cost of small donations.

Posting your business to local chamber of commerce is also recommended as this will serve to boost web rankings on Google for relevant local search terms.

Local News Sites & Networks

There are many local news sites and networks dedicated to provide news and information about a particular area. These sites encourage people to share news stories and information about that specific area.

For example “PhoenixNews” is a local news site about Phoenix AZ. They have a specific submission page for sharing stories about the city, where you can submit your content if you have some kind of relevant & inspirational story about your business. (You need to check with their terms if they allows links in the content of not because some sites may not allow that). You can see “Story Submission Page Here

If you held some kind of event or awareness sessions about your services, you can also submit your event details on some local news/information sites. For example “Tucson Weekly” is a tucson based news site, they have an event submission page where you can submit your event for them to publish on their site…You can see “Event Submission Page Here


There are so many ways to get backlinks for your local business, all you need is finding these possibilities and getting advantage of them by effective approach and communication.

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