Some Useful Tips & Tools For An Effective OnPage SEO

On-Page optimization refers to the technique & process that is executed on the website end in order to make it search engine friendly & to help improving website’s overall search engine rankings.

It is considered as a fundamental part of seo strategy that every site owner should put first before starting building backlinks or doing other offpage seo work.

A website with proper structure & UI not only increases the readability of your website visitors, improves the usability but also provides the opportunity to rank well in search engines.

Search engines are getting smarter and more intelligent every day. Gone are the days when on-page optimization was purely referred to as keyword placement and some other similar stuff. Now in order to evaluate a website for ranking, search engines use much more complex algorithms.

So, to implement best on-page seo strategies, placing keywords on your webpages is not enough, you need so many other things to take into consideration like

  • Proper website structure to improve readability & usability.
  • An effective & good quality unique content.
  • Good clean & error free code
  • Internal & external linking on page & site level
  • Social signals
  • And many more aspects…

Web CEO SEO Tools

Today seo requires better understanding of your audience, like what kind of information he needs when coming to your website.

Your objective as seo professional shouldn’t be to game the search engines, rather you should follow best seo practices for interacting with the search engines effectively as well as to create a great user experiences for the website visitors.

Follow the footprints of Seo professionals, who don’t start building links unless they are 100% sure that they have built a good on-page foundation for getting quality links to their website.

Some Helpful Tools For Doing A Perfect On-Page Seo:

There is no absolute path to follow for optimizing a webpage as every seo professional has his own way of doing things. Main purpose of your on-page work should be to achieve your onpage seo objectives by following search engines best practices and guidelines,That will help you:

  • Attract more natural links to your website.
  • Get more organic traffic to your website.
  • Get more traffic from social networks.
  • Promote your brand effectively.
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • Get higher rankings in search engines.

Here are some useful tools that can assist you in your on-page seo work…

Google Keyword Planner:

It all starts with keyword research and google keyword planner is a must tool to use for doing an effective keyword research. Use Google Keyword Planner

Bing Keyword Research Tool:

Like google keyword planner from google, bing search engine has its own keyword tool for keyword research, called Bing Keyword Tool. It is also a necessary keyword tool to research about people search intents on bing, the keywords they are using to find information and to achieve higher rankings on Bing search engine…Use Bing Keyword Tool

LongTail Pro:

Long Tail Pro is one of the most powerful keyword research tools available today and considered as the industry standard for finding best long tail keywords for any topic. It allows you to generate thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords from a root keyword in a matter of minutes.

To learn more about features and benefits of using Long Tail Pro & how it can help you writing better content, Visit Long Tail Pro Software’s Official Page.

Other quality Free & Paid Keyword tools that you can use to improve your keyword research process are

Keyword Researcher Pro | | Keywords Discovery | Uber Suggest | & Many more…

Use different keyword research tools instead of relying only on one that will help you brainstorming & analyzing, results in coming up with a combination of better keywords & phrases.

Using right keywords for your content can play a crucial role in getting more targeted traffic to your content and improve your conversion rate.

On-page Seo Plugins For WordPress & Other CMS Platforms:

Yoast Seo For WordPress:

Seo by Yoast is by far the best onpage seo plugin that can help you optimizing your wordpress website by following best onpage seo practices. Download No.1 WordPress Seo Plugin, Seo By Yoast

Yoast Seo For Drupal:

If your website is Drupal based, yoast also has a Drupal version of their seo plugin….Download Seo Yoast Plugin for Drupal.

Free OnPage Seo Analysis Tool:

Internet Marketing Ninjas offer a service that allows you to see your website’s data as a search engine spider sees and let you analyzing internal links, meta information and page content to help you develop better onpage seo strategy….Use this Free Onpage Seo Analysis Tool offers a number of free innovate tools that can assist you in analyzing different onpage aspects of your website. For example, robots.txt file check tool, text uniqueness tool and many other onpage tools… is a free service and you can use it for as long as you want under no obligation. Membership upgrades are available if you requirements are higher…Click Here to Visit’s different membership options

Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster Tools, also known as google search console is a free web service by google that allows you to check the indexing status of your website. It is also a helpful tool for you to do onpage optimization and improve the visibility of your website in google search engine. Access To Google Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools:

Bing Webmaster Tools, previously known as Bing Webmaster Center is a free service by Microsoft’s bing search engine. Similar to Google Webmaster Tools, it enables you to add your website to bing index crawler and improve your website’s visibility in bing search engine.

Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex is Russian based search engine. If you want to target visitors mostly from Europe than it offers a helpful set of tools to optimize your website & improve your site presence in Yandex Search Engine to target more Russian & European visitors. Yandex Webmaster Tools

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can cause some real problems for your website resulting in search engine penalty or dropping your website search engine rankings.

A page with a duplicate content cannot rank well & your site authority suffers because information is copied and cannot be considered unique. So, in order to avoid search engine penalization and to build your site as an authority in your niche, always replenish it with good quality, fresh and unique content.

Following are some of the helpful tools for identifying duplicate content.


SiteLiner is a free service that allows you to explore your website & identify key issues such as duplicate content, broken links, crawl errors and more…Check your website for duplicate content and other issues with SiteLiner.


Check your content’s uniqueness with copyscape or see if your content has been copied. A great free tool for checking plagiarism….Use CopyScape for copies of your page on the web.

Always follow best seo practices & avoid making mistakes that could ruin your website’s search engine visibility.

Note: Also visit “Website Performance Checking Tools” page for resources to check your website for different errors & accessibility issues.

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