Website Monetization Strategies For Making More Money Online

How To Monetize Your Traffic So You Get The Most Out Of It

When launching a new website, we have to admit that most of us are into it for making money. It is obvious that without consistent traffic to our website, we have no business. It is similar, let’s say you have a grocery shop in the market but if no customer comes to your shop, you are not going to make any sales or income.

Traffic signifies people who gets a chance to see what you have to offer on your website. More traffic means more people who visits your site to see your products, which means you have a higher chance of making sales.

In this article, we are going to discuss about different ways we can monetize our website & increase our chance to make most out of our traffic by earning more income.

Some Website Monetization Strategies

PPC Advertising

PPC stands for pay per click, it is one of the most effective ways to monetize your website for income generating purpose.

Pay per click means, with every click made by your website visitor on your ppc advertised link, you will get paid. The more traffic you generate to your website, higher will be the chance that your advertised links will be clicked and more money you will make.

Some Well-known PPC Advertising Companies

Following are some of the renowned ppc advertising companies you can join as a publisher. Once they approve your application, you can put their sponsored ads on your website and start making money.

Google Adsense

Ultimate choice for PPC advertising, google provides the best ppc service in the form of google adsense to help publishers increase their revenue by showing relevant ppc ads on their sites. Signup For Google Adsense

Media.Net powered by bing ads and yahoo ads offers top class alternative to google adsense. This contextual ads network allow publishers to make money by displaying ppc ads on their site. Different types and sizes of ad units are available to fit your needs. Checkout Media.Net


Bidvertiser is another site offering ppc advertising for publishers. Bidvertiser introduced the bidding system as different bidders bid on sites for displaying their ads. For your site, people will bid and the ads shown on your website will be of the highest bidder. Initially, you may not see much revenue as it will take some time to get your site noticed by the highest bidders. So, stay for longer and you will see the results. Visit Bidvertiser Here

Other PPC and similar services may include ChitikaAdversal & more…

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money from your website. In affiliate marketing, you become partner of different companies (who have affiliate programs) and display their links & banners on your website. Once someone clicks on those affiliate links or banners and make a purchase, you get commission on that sale. The more sales you generate, the more income you are going to make.

The companies, offering affiliate programs have sales and affiliate tracking mechanism installed and they keep track and make records of transactions. So, once you make a sale, you get notified through an email and your commissions are credited to your account.

Following are some of the popular affiliate networks you can join. After joining, you can simply apply for different affiliate programs offered by these affiliate networks. Once your affiliate request is approved, begin promoting your affiliate links through your website and start generating sales & income.

CJ Affiliate By Conversant

Founded in 1998 & formally known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate by Conversant is the leader in global affiliate marketing network. Based on pay per performance programs, it helps linking companies with affiliates and reach millions of online consumers.

On CJ affiliate by conversant, you will find almost all top companies in many niches that allow publishers to advertise their products or services and offer handsome earning opportunity.

Checkout CJ By Conversant

Flex Offers

An award winning affiliate marketing network, Flex Offers provides some great tools & solutions to both advertisers and publishers.

By joining Flex Offers, you will be able to get access to thousands of affiliate programs (growing continuously) and promote their products by content feeds, banners, textlinks and many other ways.

Visit Flex Offers

Biz Profits

Biz Profits is a CPA affiliate network. A very professional and impressive affiliate network mainly focus on providing high converting CPA offers related to Health, Beauty & Lifestyle.

Join BizProfits CPA Network

Note: Please checkout affiliate business building resources section for complete information and guidance about how to start making money from your website with affiliate programs. Visit Affiliate Business Building Resources Section.

Sell Advertising Space On Your Website

If you website is getting good amount of traffic, you can start offering advertising space on your website to generate some extra revenue.

This advertising space can be in the form of Banners, sticky blog post for a month, links, sponsored posts and more…

Following are some advertising management systems you can use to manage and sell advertising on your website.

Buy Sell Ads

One of the best advertising management program, BuySell Ads offers robust tools and services to help you manage and sell advertising space on your website in a most effective manner.

For high quality content creators and sites, BuySell ads is a monetization solution of choice.

Checkout Buy Sell Ads Here


For Adsella, all you need is to have a website to start selling advertising space. By putting just a few lines of code, you can allow advertisers to purchase your ad inventory.

AdSella provides webmasters complete control over ad blocks design, shape, height, size and over many other features…Visit AdSella

Publicity Clerks

Publicity Clerks is another quality Online Advertising Marketplace. It makes it easy for webmasters monetizing, managing and optimizing their ad inventory, hence allow them to earn revenue from advertisers by selling ad space fast, easy and automated. Checkout Publicity Clerks Here

Monetizing Tools For WordPress Sites

If you are using WordPress CMS for your website, you can also use OIO Publisher , BuySell Ads WordPress Plugin , Ad Media Networks and many more plugins for selling advertising space

Selling Your Skills

If you have a particular skill, you can sell that skill by creating and selling an online course.

Becoming an Instructor & selling your skills and knowledge to people not only enable you to prove yourself as a knowledgeable person in your niche but it also help you earn revenue.

Selling your online course will also help you building your personal brand, making a real difference in the life of students by giving them knowledge and make some serious money.

The idea will be to list or publish your courses on different marketplaces & linking back to your main website for monetization purpose.


Udemy is world’s leading online learning platform. With more than 10 million students, it is an ideal place for you to start publishing & selling your online courses.

All you need is to click on “Become An Instructor” (in Menu Bar) and fill out the necessary information to create and account. From the memberarea you will be able to create and publish your online course. (All the instructions will be available upon joining the site). Checkout Udemy

Skill Share, Academy Of Mine, Teachable some other sites where you can publish your courses for sell (It is a great way to earn passive income as well).

Wp Coursify

is a wordpress plugin that enables you to create your very own udemy or skillshare type site, sell online courses to unlimited students and keep 100% of the profits…Preview WP Coursify

Making Money out of your Traffic

Advertising is the best and most proven method of generating profits from your website traffic. Millions of people from all over the world come online everyday to find information about certain products or services. If your website does have the information that people are searching for, it means you may have a good chance of making sales. All you need is to make your site searchable for people and get consistent relevant traffic.

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