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I’d take the opportunity right now, to thank you for visiting my website.

This website is aimed towards Working From Home & Internet Marketing field, created to share my knowledge which I have gained over the years.

Why You Should Start Working From Home:-

The thrill of growing your business, the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours, and the possibilities of ever-increasing financial rewards are all wonderful reasons to start your home based business.

Also due to lack of jobs available for people due to economic recession and other reasons, It is really a wonderful thing to develop an entrepreneurship mindset and start building Business from Home.

Why Having Your Own Business Is Better Than Doing A Job:-

I want to share a real story with you here, I was working in an organization few years ago & was seriously thinking about going abroad for a better job opportunity due to the lower pay & bad economic situation of my country. My father took me to a person who had recently shifted to our neighborhood. He had just came back from Malaysia few years ago and my father knew him since his younger age.

When I met him, he advise me not to go to Malaysia or abroad, as he gave me his own example and also of some other people he spent time with when he was in Malaysia how they are working 12-15 hours a day. He said although they are able to send some money here in there country to their families but they are living in very miserable condition abroad. Then he told me about himself how after spending some years in Malaysia not been able to achieve success by finding a suitable job, he came back to his country and started his business of supplying cooking oil and ghee to local grocery stores on his motorbike.

He told that he started with 2 cooking oil and ghee boxes by putting them on both handles of his motorbike and supply to the grocery stores. He worked hard and now his business had expanded, he has his own home with his home office and his own car. He was a real example of a self-made successful business owner for me and this was the time, I thought what I have gained in spending my 9 years in professional job career, putting all the efforts to make others (Company owners for whom I was working) Millionaires and earned few thousand rupees every month which was even not enough to fulfill the basic needs of my family (because my wife also had to do job).

This was what he said and it was a huge motivation for me.

He said!

“If you want to live a really happy & financially successful life”
“If you want to grow your children in an environment where they have access to better living standards”

And particularly

“If you want to live mentally and financially relax life”

Then you should seriously think about starting your own business even if you have low financial resources rather than doing a job and get busy making other people rich.

Work Hard and nobody can stop you from being successful.

After meeting with him and seeing a living proof of a person who put confidence in his abilities and worked hard for himself instead of working for others, the level success he achieved, I was very impressed and from that day I decided that I will put all the efforts for changing my own life instead of changing others.

So, I joined a Home Based Business & Started Working From Home!

Starting a business from home is a great decision. Online Entrepreneurship (I called it Netpreneurship, means working on the internet) is a fast paced world where there is a lot to learn, since new marketing and advertising technologies, Online Income Models are introduced to the world every now and then, It is very important to remain update about all these technologies, models and news.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of wasting time trying each and every home biz and money making method, and because I have went through all those trials and errors so I don’t want you work too hard to be wasting time on things that aren’t pushing you forward and giving no results in your business.

That’s why I have made this website, To share my knowledge, experiences in Internet Marketing & Home Business field, the things I have done wrong in the past so that you may not do it and the things that have worked for me etc.

So, feel free to navigate the website and I hope this will help you excel in your online business.


Work Hard
Make Your Goals & Stick to It
Do Something Everyday To Achieve Your Goals
Never Quit
And You Will Succeed.

Again, I’m Modasser Abbas and I’m incredibly excited to see you here on my website.

Thank you once again
Modasser Abbas

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