Welcome to my website “The-Netpreneur Affiliate Marketing Success Strategies“.

My name is Modasser Abbas and I live in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.Modasser Abbas - Affiliate Marketer

I have created this The-Netpreneur.com website to share my Affiliate Marketing & Online Business knowledge which I have learned over the years spending my time online.

My Aim In Life:-

My aim in life is to achieve the level of success through my online Affiliate Business that will help me enjoy financial freedom.

Financial Freedom In My View:-

To me Financial Freedom means “Spend the type of life that help me getting free time and have enough money to enjoy that free time”There are many people in this world who have a lot of free time to spend but they don’t have enough money to enjoy that free time, similarly there are many people who have a lot of money but they don’t have enough time to enjoy that money like people working for 12-16 hours a day, I call them human machines (Human Robots).

Why I Created This Website & Blog:-

Through this website, I want to

–> Share my knowledge, Ideas & tips related to Online Business and Internet Marketing industry.

–> Help newbies starting Business from Home & Learn Internet Marketing, assist them understanding about how all this stuff works, how they can improve their knowledge about Online Business & Marketing on the internet, How they can become their own boss, start working from home and improve their standard of living.

In the end, I hope you will enjoy your stay here. So, be sure to bookmark my website and visit often as I constantly update my website with more helpful content.

Best Regards
Modasser Abbas

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