Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn income online.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Basically Affiliate Marketing is an agreement between a merchant and an individual as a result of which that individual is allowed to promote company products & services to generate sales in exchange for commissions.

In simple words: Affiliate Marketing is the method of promoting other people’s or company’s products/services and earning commissions by making sales. The process is that you find a product you like to promote & earn percentage of profit generated by each sale through your efforts.

“You are an Affiliate Marketer and Marketing or promotion you are doing for making sales is Affiliate Marketing”

Benefits Of Being An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing programs are great for both merchants as well as for affiliates and can be described as a win-win situation for both. It helps both merchants and affiliates enjoy financial benefits, for merchants for their sales increase and in the form of commissions for affiliates by making sales.

Some of the benefits for Merchants & Affiliates are as under

Benefits For Merchants

  • Wider market for merchants for increasing their sales and revenue because their affiliates can be from all over the world.
  • Maximum exposure for merchant products and services that he may not get with other traditional marketing and advertising techniques.
  • More affiliates means more marketing for the merchant products and services.

Benefits For Affiliates

  • Affiliate programs are free to join and no initial cost or investment needed to make profits. Just put merchant’s affiliate link on your website, direct your visitors towards it and if they make purchases, you earn profits.
  • You can find affiliate programs for almost every product or industry with thousands of products and services you can choose from, join and promote products relevant to your website niche and make money.
  • No need to worry about inventory, order processing, product shipping & after sales support. All this handled by merchant. You only need to direct visitors to merchant site, make sales and earn commissions.
  • No sales or marketing experience is required plus most of the affiliate programs offer top notch marketing material and training that helps you learn all the aspects of affiliate marketing & helps you achieving your affiliate marketing goals.
  • Plus many more benefits, the biggest one of them which attracts me mostly is that you can build a successful online affiliate marketing business from the comfort of your home.

If you are new in Internet Marketing industry & looking to start a business as an affiliate marketer, I have put some resource pages that will help you getting started by joining some of the best affiliate programs, and learn to effectively promoting affiliate products & websites to maximize your sales & online profits.

If you are an experienced marketer, you may still find these resources useful, Feel free to check them out and give your valuable feedback.

Below are the links to the pages

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