Once your website is created, designed and put online, Next step is to add content to it.

Effective content creation is the key to attract targeted traffic to your website and help branding yourself as an authority in your niche.

Writing great content is an art and needs to have writing expertise. It is not necessary if someone is hugely knowledgeable in his niche that he must be a great writer too. Expressing your knowledge to others in the form of words need skills and you may have experienced in your study life that there are some teachers who are very knowledgeable about their subject but they don’t have good teaching style. It is same with writing a compelling copy. Having knowledge about certain niche is something different then having the skills to express it in the form of your writing.

You may also have heard it many times that “Content Is King“. It is very true for effective blogging and for making sales on the internet (i.e Writing sales copy, blog posts, content that converts etc).

Following are some of the resources I am going to share with you that will help you writing effective content for your website or blog.

American Writers & Artists Inc:-

American Writers & Artists Inc is an organization that is teaching people since 1997, how to become a fulltime writer and earn a great living. If you want to build your career as a writer than this is the website you must checkout, even if you want to write for your blog and learn how to become a great copywriter this is a great resource too. They have many course to choose from as below.

Copywriting 2.0 – Your Complete Guide To Writing Web Copy That Converts

Write Your Own Way To Money Making Websites

Six Figure Copywriting

Men With Pens:-

A lot of tricks, tips for improving writing skills, plus professional copywriting services if you want them to write content for you…Visit Men With Pens Here

Copywriting.com Blog:-

Copywriting blog is the place for you to learn writing content that connects and engages your audience…Checkout Copywriting Blog


Another great place to find content & article writers for you if you want to outsource content writing work…Visit iWriter.com

Kontent Machine (A Powerful Seo Optimized Content Creation Software:-

Kontent Machine is a powerful SEO Content Creation software that not only help you creating search engine optimized content but also has many other feature like, a Niche Relevancy Checking Algorithm, a Article Content Template Builder compatible with most SEO submission software, category and tag generation, Spintax functionality, relevant article title, summary, and resource box creation, contextual link insertion, and several other powerful features. Kontent Machine is the ultimate choice of many top SEO experts and I highly recommend you to check it out..Most Powerful SEO Content Creation Software Kontent Machine

The Best Spinner:-

With The Best Spinner, you can quickly generate hundreds of unique versions of your articles. A truly great Article Spinner Software…Download The Best Article Spinner & Start Spinning Your Article To Generate Unique Content

Article Builder:-

Quality Content at the Push of A Button. This is an industry choice for Article Rewriting & Article Spinning… Download Article Builder
Note:-Use Article Spinning & rewriting tools if you can’t write yourself or don’t want to outsource, Make sure to check your rewritten/spinned article for duplicate issues at copyscape.com for uniqueness)
Google Keyword Planner:-

Keyword research is the most important part of your content writing. Using the right keywords help you writing highly seo optimized content and google keyword planner Tool is the must for finding the right keywords. Use Google Keyword Planner Tool To Find The Best Relevant Keywords For Your Content

Spell & Grammar Checking:-

Grammarly is the place to check spelling and grammar mistakes in your content. After all you are going to put your content on your website so it is very important that you check spelling and grammar errors and correct them before getting your content live…Visit Grammarly and correct your spellings or grammar mistakes.

Check Your Content For Duplication:-

Copyscape is a free web-based tool that allows you to check for duplicate content…Check Duplicate Content By Going To CopyScape.com

SiteLiner is a free service that allows you to check your website for key issues like Duplicate Content, Broken Links, Page Power & other reports that affect your site’s quality and search engine rankings. SiteLiner is developed by the creators of copyscape and it provides more detailed report about the issues mentioned above.

Analyze The Emotional Marketing Value Of Your Headline:-

Just paste your headline text and Headline Analyzer will analyze your headline to determine the emotional marketing value (EMV) score. You know headline is the first line of text a reader sees when he reaches on your page. So it is very important that your headline is eye catching and emotionally deep so that it attracts the attention of the reader…. Find The Emotional Marketing Value Of Your Headline

Privacy Policy:-

Privacy policy is one of the most important documents you should put on your website. It is a kind of legal document that presents your company website’s procedures, views about the information collected from visitors. You should write your privacy policy in a manner that it is clear, accurate and easy to understand without any hidden clauses or information from your site visitor.

Generate Privacy Policy.Com is the website that helps creating privacy policy easier. You just need to provide some basic information about your website and it will create a privacy policy that you should copy and paste on your website. It is that Easy….Generate Privacy Policy For Your Website

Website Disclaimer:-

It is important to include web site disclaimers. Disclaimers put visitors on notice and are essential to limiting the liability of the web site owner. Website disclaimers should be easy to find and easy to understand….Create Your Website Disclaimer

Terms Of Service Generator:-

Terms of service can also be known as Terms & Conditions or Terms Of Use (TOS, TOU) are the rules your website visitors must agree for using your website or services. Create Terms Of Service For Your Webiste

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