Best Affiliate Programs to make money online

In order to earn income online, either you should have your own product/service to sell or you need to be an affiliate for some other company or organization for selling its products or services.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “Affiliate” & not sure “What Does Affiliate Means” & “What is Affiliate Marketing”, than please read “Affiliate Business Building Resources” page containing some basic information about this topic. 

Types of Products You Can Sell As An Affiliate:-

As we are discussing about making money “online” through affiliate programs, so in order to become an affiliate, we need to know what kind of products we can sell on the internet.

There are 2 types of products you can sell on the internet as an affiliate.

  • Digital Products
  • Physical Products

Digital Products Affiliate Programs:

In simple words “Digital products are those products that don’t have physical existence”.

Examples of digital products includes, E-Books, Softwares, Digital Images, Scripts and other files in digital format. Digital products can also be called a electronic goods or e-goods. Products that can be stored electronically in your computer.

Some of Well Known Digital Products Affiliate Networks are:

ClickBank: A market leader in performance marketing & digital information selling Affiliate Network….Visit ClickBank

JV ZOO: JV ZOO is another great Affiliate Network, Offers affiliate to promote Vendor products and earn lucrative commissions…Visit JV ZOO Here

Zaxaa: Zaxaa is relatively new (at the time of writing) but a very promising affiliate network, allows you to promote some of the best digital products as an affiliate an earn great income…Visit ZAXAA & create an account for selling digital products offered by zaxaa sellers.

There are 2 modes in Zaxaa, An “Affiliate Mode” allows you to sell digital products as an affiliate, while “Seller Mode” allows you to sell your own products by using Zaxaa services.

Physical Products Affiliate Programs:

Making money online by selling physical products is a choice of many top affiliates as it gives them the opportunity to earn some huge income. If you are looking to join a physical products affiliate program you need to know about commission percentage they a paying per sale as such type of affiliate program’s commission ratio is low as compared to a digital products selling affiliate program.

Below are some of the best known physical products selling businesses offering affiliates to make money by joining them as partners.

Amazon Partner Program:

Amazon has a great partner program that enables its affiliates to sell hundreds of thousands of products to make money.

They have very user friendly associate area on their website, where you can get access to all the tools, data and resources for effectively promoting their products.

Their commission ratio is different on different types of products and they also have a condition that in order to remain their affiliate, you need to make a sale with in 6 months of joining their partner program. otherwise your partner membership will be discontinued. But you can always rejoin them for free and start promoting their products once again.

You can join US based Amazon Affiliate Program by following this link

Join UK Based Amazon Associate Program

Walmart Affiliate Program:

Walmart also offers a superb affiliate program for people to earn great commissions by selling a huge variety of products.

They also offers Walmart API and WordPress plugin for affiliate partners to integrate with the Walmart site to enable them selling millions of walmart products easily & effectively.

Learn More About Walmart Affiliate Program Here

Other Top Affiliate Networks you can consider joining as an affiliate are:


Share A Sale Affiliate Network

Commisson Junction Affiliate Network

Rakuten Affiliate Network (Previously Known As LinkShare)

Standalone Affiliate Programs:

There are a lot of companies that have in-house affiliate program and they are not associated with any Affiliate Network.

Below are some of the top in house standalone affiliate programs you can consider joining (Internet Marketing Niche)

Site Sell Affiliate Program:

They have a great affiliate program, free to join, offers great commissions per sale & have multiple products to sell.

You can join Site Sell as an affiliate by visiting Site Sell Affiliate Program.

Reseller Panel Affiliate Program:

Reseller Panel allows you to Start your own hosting business in a few minutes. You can create your own webhosting plans, set your prices and use your own domain for your affiliate store…Start Your Own WebHosting Company. It’s free & easy!

WebFire Affiliate Program:

Webfire has some great internet marketing products, you can sell and earn lucrative commissions… Join Webfire Affiliate Program

There are many many more physical/digital affiliate networks & stand alone affiliate programs you can join and make money by selling their products or services. Make a search on google and you will find a loads of opportunities.

Tip: Don’t join every other affiliate program that is available online, start with 2-3, Explore the opportunities & join more as you build your affiliate business.

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