How To Become An Awesome Article Writer

How to write great articles on any topic

Content Writing – An Art

Are you passionate about writing? Did you think about if you could become a best seller novel one day?

Writing is an art and anyone with a good grip on English language can write a few paragraphs of original content. It is even easier to just read a given article and rewrite it in your own words but writing larger amount of content like sales copy, website content, stories or books requires significant amount of writing skills so that you can easily put your thoughts in the form of words.

Today I am going to tell you how you can become a smart writer by improving your writing skills and even make money as a writer.

Decide What You Want to Write About

Firstly you need to figure out what you want to write. Which topic you are passionate about.

For example, if you are a pet lover, you can write about, How to tame your dog? Pet food recipes, Pet clothing ideas etc. Similarly if you love swimming, you can write about swimming techniques, swim suits & costumes, lessons and more…

It is very important that you are clear about your writing intentions. What you want to write and what kind of information and message you want to convey to your reader through your writings.

Read Other People’s Content

Once you decide your article subject, next step is to read some existing articles about that same topic. This will not only improve your knowledge but also give you an idea about what kind of information is already available. This can help provide some unique or new information to your readers that may not already be available online.

Reading other people’s content will also give you the idea about that kind of information people are searching for and what is the hot topic in your selected niche.

You can find it by making a search on google, For example if you want to write about “How to teach your dog to shake” Just go to google and search for “Dog Shake” Dog Shake Hands” and similar words for find existing content.

Read 2-3 articles, this will let you decide the article topic and information you want to share.

Increase Your Vocabulary

In order to become a brilliant writer, it is must for you to increase you vocabulary, more the number of words you have in your arsenal better you will be able to craft your article or content for your readers.

Best way to increase your vocabulary is by reading other people’s content, using a dictionary and make conversations with other people.

You can also use some sites like,, for finding new words and increase your vocabulary.

Words are building blocks of your content, by selecting right words, you can make your article more informative, engaging and valuable for your readers.

Start Writing

Once you are fully ready, start writing your article. A good article has following features.

  • It should have valuable information
  • It should provide the information the readers are looking for.
  • It should keep the readers interested till the end.
  • It should be in simple words and to the point.
  • It should be relevant, unique and fun read for your audience.

Write Keeping Your Readers in Mind

As mentioned above, It is very important when you write, you should have your readers in mind. Provide information to the reader what he is looking for. Create curiosity & keep your readers interested till the end.

You can find what your reader is looking for by doing keyword research through google keyword planner. Using keyword planner will help you find the search terms people are using to find information on google which will help you creating the relevant content.

Structuring Your Content

Use headings, sub headings, short paragraphs and simple words in your article. This will help you structuring your content and make your content easily readable for your audience. Some writers also use “Table of Contents” in the beginning of their articles to help readers directly accessing the information they are looking for.

Use relevant content that is grouped in a practical/logical way and easily accessible for your readers. Link your content with other relevant articles so that your readers can easily find information they are looking for. Make your reader’s life easier while accessing the information on your website, this will keep him interested in your content and make him stay longer on your site.

Using Writing Tools

There are many helpful writing tools available that can assist you in your writing journey. Some of them are:

Content Curation Platforms

Content curation is a process of sorting through large amount of content that is available on the internet then organize, arrange & later on publish that information in a meaningful way for your audience.

In simple words, when writing, you can use content curation platforms to gather information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest and use the pieces of that content to write your own unique article for publishing.

Feedly, Content Studio, Content Gems are few known content curation platforms you can use for finding, curating and sharing engaging content.

Article Rewriting & Spinning Tools

Article rewriting tools help you to rewrite the existing content by providing alternate words/sentences with similar meanings and help you replacing with the existing ones to make your content unique and human readable.

There are a number of Article Rewriting/Spinning sites & softwares available, Free as well as paid ones. For example Article Builder, Article Rewriter Tool, The Best Spinner,

Article rewriting/spinning tools may be helpful initially if you are a newbie, but if you want to become a truly brilliant writer and improve your writing skills, I will advise you to don’t rely on these too much.

Write your article or content by hand, because as you write more, you will become better writer. This may be time consuming but it is definitely more rewarding and beneficial.

How to Make Money as a Writer?

Writing is no doubt one of the most lucrative jobs on the Internet today. There are millions of websites already online and with thousands of new sites being set up every hour, webmasters are in constant need of new content for their webpages. By offering them your writing services, you can make a lot of money either by writing website content or blog articles for them on their desired topics.

There are many ways to find online writing jobs, some of them are:

New Websites Looking for Content

As mentioned above, there are thousands of new websites developed and put online every hour. Many of these websites may need writers to develop content or articles for their newly launched websites. You can find these writing opportunities on your local newspapers, job sites and freelance platforms.

Become a Freelance writer

Once you become a good writer, freelancing is a great way to find writing work. With your writing skills, you can find online writing jobs on different freelance platforms and make some great money.

Some popular freelance platforms are: Upwork, Guru,, FreeLancer.Com

On these platforms, by providing quality work to your employers, you can grow your portfolio of clients, improve your freelance profile, your writing skills and get even more work in the future. Plus make a lot of money off course.

Pro Tip: Another way to Make Money from your Writing Skills is By:

Creating online courses about Article & Content Writing

As you have gained knowledge, skills and experience writing content, Why not share your knowledge with others & earn money doing that?

There are many online teaching platforms like Udemy, Skillshare where you can create/upload courses and make a lot of money by teaching others how to become a writer.

While learning how to create an online course is beyond the scope of this article, but if you want to learn more about it, Just go to “UDEMY” and search for “How to Create an Online Course”.

Write Original Content

It is important to write original content – say it all in your own words – as while working on Freelance writing assignment, most buyers check for duplication by using copy-detection software like Copyscape and Plagium. If you just cut and paste from some other websites, that will show up on Copyscape and you will lose your assignment and get negative reviews from the buyer.

Proofreading Your Content

Proofread your article thoroughly before submitting it to your buyer, using SpellCheck if you use Word to make sure it is error free.


Writing is a great profession, As you become more skilled with writing, your general knowledge as well as your abilities improve vastly with the articles you research and write on daily basis.

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