Making Money With Articles As An Affiliate Marketer

Make money with content as an affiliate marketer

If you can write articles or marketing and publicize articles that others write, then becoming an affiliate for different companies and promoting their products or services through your content is a great way to generate sales and earn handsome amount of income from the internet. In this way, you will be receiving part of the revenue of sales that the company gets from people who “click through” from your website via the company’s links that are placed on your content.

Since you will be promoting products or services, it is very important that you write killer content to get your readers interested in the product. Try to convince them that they can’t afford to miss that product and let them keep coming back to your website with more recommendations through your articles (Review Articles). Also join a good number of relevant affiliate programs, so that you have something new to offer to your returning visitors/customers.

How To Get Content For Your Website:

Write Articles By Yourself:

As mentioned above, you can write your own articles, publish on your website and earn revenues of sales that are generated from the people who “click through” from your website via the company’s links and make purchases.

Note: If you don’t know how to write content OR interested in learning about how to write a perfect copy….Checkout my page about Content Writing Resources with full of information & resources about web content and copywriting.

Hire A Freelancer:

If you are not good at writing your own articles or content, there are many ways, you can get free or paid articles for placing on your affiliate site.
You can hire a freelancer for writing content for you. There are a number of freelancing platforms with full of talented writers who can write content for you on low cost. All you need to tell the freelance writer what you want, which product you are trying to sell and other similar requirements and he/she will write the required content for you at the cost that you both can agreed upon before hiring.

Guest Blogging:

Giving the opportunity to other writers to write for you is another way of getting free content for your website. You can do this by creating a simple “Write For Us” or Guest Blogging” page on your website where writers can contact you and share the content with you to get publish on your website. In exchange you can link back to their website with in content or through “Author Bio” section.

Private Label Content:

PLR articles or private label articles are the articles that once you buy, become your’s and you are free to edit or alter them and use on your website with your name as an author.

You can buy PLR articles through PLR sites (mostly membership sites) & individual sites selling PLR article packs. These PLR articles are cheap in cost but there is one problem that many other people may also buy those PLR articles and use on the web. This can cause duplicate content issues, so best way to use these PLR articles is re-write them or hire someone to rewrite for you. (Also do the research on internet, find more relevant content, mix that with the PLR article and combine them to form a perfect unique article as a result of rewriting.)

There are a lot of sites offering products & services that also have affiliate programs with nice affiliate commission ratio for those who really know how to pre-sale their products or services & deliver click through customers who are ready to buy.

As long as you choose to advertise a product or service that is useful to a wide variety of people, then pre-selling your chosen company may not be that hard at all. The hard part is for getting those people to your website so that they have a chance to see what you are recommending and click on your affiliate links.

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