How to keep Readers interested in your article

What if you are a knowledgeable person in your industry and you have written a great informative post but no one is reading your article?

OR people do visit your article page but your article page has a high bounce rate?

Well, this can problem for a lot of bloggers, no matter how knowledgeable person you are about what you write, if you are not using the right article techniques and adopting the correct process, you can have problems attracting the attention of your readers towards your written content.

If you remember your school of college life, you may have witnessed some teachers who were very knowledgeable in their subject but they were not very good teachers when it comes to teach their subject. This was may be due to their teaching style, the method they used to adopt and so many other factors.

Similarly in case of writing articles, it is very important to adopt the correct article writing method to keep your readers interested in whatever you write.

How to Generate Reader Interest in What You Write

Today we will discuss about how to create content for your website that can keep your readers interested.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Before start writing your content, it is very important to keep your audience in mind. In simple words, you should be very clear for what kind of readers you are writing the article such as is your content for the beginners or for experienced ones?

If your content is about a specific topic, you should remain within the boundary of your topic to keep your audience interested.

Article length:

My view about this particular point is a mixed one. Regarding article length, it depends on the topic of your article as well as on your writing style. If you are able to convey all your key points within 700 words that should be ok, and it make sense because there is no point of wasting your readers time by using extra words that don’t present something new. It remembers me of some tv channels anchor person when there is some breaking news, they repeat the same title 5-10 times within 1-2 minutes and it looks so annoying. So, point to make is only extending your article to more words if you have some more knowledge to pass on to your readers otherwise 700 words article will be enough in my view.

Create Curiosity

Curiosity is a very important tool for encouraging your readers to dig deep and keep reading upto the last word of your article.

Create curiosity in your articles by providing something new in each of your paragraph, particularly your last line of the current paragraph should be connected to the next paragraph so that it compels your readers to keep reading on to the next paragraph to explore more.

Curiosity leads to anticipation which creates eagerness in reader’s mind to find out more on what is coming up next. So, lead your readers by creating interest and they will stay upto the end of your article.

Curiosity is a force that makes us act.

Using images

A good quality relevant image can be used to introduce your topic and adds a real value & insight into your post.

A picture is a worth thousand words as using images create user engagement and help you convey your message in front of your audience in more effective way besides using words.

Using images can also increase views to your articles, increase seo value, make your article more interactive & help users share your content on different social media platforms easily.

Use Headings and sub headings

Heading and subheadings help adding more value to your article and allow your readers to absorb your content more effectively.

By using headings and subheadings in your article, You can craft & present your content key points that can grab your readers attention and help them getting more out of your articles.

A powerful headline is the most important line of text as it is the first little part of the content a reader sees when he comes to your page. Similarly strong sub-headlines keep your readers interested and engaged in your article.

Asking questions

Asking relevant questions in the beginning and adding the answers at the end by interconnecting (Remember I said already, in order to keep your audience interested in your copy, your article should remain within your subject boundary) your content can help you create user engagement as well as curiosity that will force your readers to keep reading till the end to find the answers.

Asking questions in your article can keep your readers interested within your content. This also encourages them to participate in the discussion & give their valuable inputs, through comments (if you allow readers on your website to post comments).

The list doesn’t end here as there are so many other ways to make your article interesting for your readers and force them to keep reading till the end. An interesting content not only increases the time spent by your readers on your website but it also encourage them to share your content with others. This is incredible for increasing organic as well as social traffic to your website.

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