5 Liquidation Sites For Sourcing Profitable Products To Sell Online

Profitable Products To Sell Online

Finding quality & profitable products to sell online at Amazon, Ebay or any other eCommerce platform can be difficult sometimes because there are literally millions of products available that can be sold to earn profits on such platforms. In order to find the product with high profit margins, you need to explore & consider so many things like wholesale price, product weight, shipping costs, profit margin etc.

For this purpose, you need to do some research on these eCommerce platforms, find the right product and then look on different wholesale or liquidation sites to see if they offer you same product with low price.

Following are some of the top wholesale or liquidation sites that can make your work easier by providing quality top selling products with good profit margin.


An innovative and flexible eCommerce platform, BStock offers a comprehensive set of services to simplify liquidation process.

BStock represents itself as one of the largest B2B liquidation marketplace that can be integrated using modern APIs.

The company’s mission is to connect interested buyers from around the world directly with retailers and manufacturers selling excess inventory. Visit BStock Here

Excess Technologies

Excess Technologies offers liquidation services for different product categories such as electronics, sports goods, fashion, toys etc through multiple sales channels.

Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, company also has a bulk liquidation website called HotCloseout.comHotCloseout.com to liquidate large volumes of inventory to their database of thousands of registered wholesale buyers.

Providing liquidation services since 2001, Excess Technologies has a senior management team and offers highest level of integrity with extensive experience in inventory management.

Visit Excess Technologies Official Website

888 Lots

888Lots is a great resource when it comes to finding hot selling products on amazon.

With their free basic membership you can view all of their offers & features. In order to become a registered seller with them you will need to provide a valid resale certificate.

With over 50 categories and more than 100,000 products, 888lots is an ideal place to start sourcing profitable products for your amazon business. Skyrocket Your Amazon Profits With 888Lots.Com


A liquidity services marketplace for professional buyers to purchase government surplus assets and commercial surplus inventory online.

This site offers a great range of product categories such as computers, apparel, electronics, industrial equipment, vehicles and more…

Products are sold in bulk lots by the truckload or small package in different conditions such as new in a box to used items or customer returns. Visit Liquidation.com, A liquidity service marketplace.


With more than 1 million happy customers and $500 plus million retails processed, bulq is one of the leading company allows professional sellers to source excess & returned goods.

Partnered with major retailers in the ecommerce industry, bulq allows you to buy discounted goods previously available only to large liquidators. Collaborate with Bulq and start sourcing for liquidation goods. Visit Bulq here.

Finding profitable products for your retail business can be challenge sometimes but by teaming-up with the industry leaders, it can help making smart decisions and sourcing quality and high in demand products for your ecommerce business.

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