Using Pinterest For Business – Best Practices

Pinterest is the fastest growing Visual Social Platform, Within just few years it has surpassed 100 million users, faster than any other stand-alone site in history. It is a great advertising medium, can really help your website’s traffic if used effectively.

Beside personal accounts, Pinterest also allows business profiles for business and in this article we are going to discuss about how we can create an effective Pinterest business profile to get most out this Fourth LARGEST Traffic Driver Worldwide.

Create Your Pinterest Business Profile

If you are running a business, you can open Pinterest Business Account and take advantage of some great business account benefits.

Go To Pinterest & Open A Business Account

If you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can also convert it to business account by visiting the Pinterest For Business section in your member area.

During Pinterest Business Profile creation, You will need to enter following information.

Business Name

You Pinterest Business User ID

About Section

Provide as much information as possible about your business to make sure you be able to reach right kind of audience and achieve your marketing goals. Use your targeted keywords.


Enter your business website address.

Agree to terms and hit submit button.

Verifying Your Business Website:

After creating a business account on Pinterest, you will need to verify your website on your Pinterest business profile.

The verification process is simple, all you need to do is to either

Upload an HTML file created by Pinterest to your webserver.


Add meta tags to your website

Once you have done one of the above verification option, you can click on “Complete” to let Pinterest check and confirm the verification process.

Congratulations….You have successfully completed the verification process and now have a “Pinterest Business Account

Some Best Practices For Getting Most Out of Your Pinterest Business Account

Keyword Rich Profile Description:

When creating your Pinterest Business profile, use relevant keywords in your description.

Create Pinboards on your Pinterest account that relate to keywords for which you want to rank. This will help your pins show-up in pinterest search results and allow people finding your pinboards easier and improve overall performance.

Hash Tags:

Use Hash Tags in your Ad descriptions but use it with caution because Pinterest don’t allow descriptions with more than one hashtag.

Connect Your Pinterest Account To Other Social Media Platform Accounts:

Connecting your Pinterest account with other social media accounts such as facebook, twitter etc can really help getting more followers, more leads and more sales. Post your pins on your facebook wall, tweet your pins & use other social media resources for sharing your pinterest content to expand reach and increase engagement.

Add Pinit & Pinterest FOLLOW Button On Your Website:

Add Pinterest follow button on your website & allow people to follow you on Pinterest to help building your Pinterest Audience.

Add “Pin It” button to the images on your blog or website as it can improve the number of pins your images get. For best results, use quality pictures on your website that are relevant to your article or content.

Pin Regularly – Post And Pin At Least 2-5 Times Per Day:

In order to get some really good continuous traffic to your site from pinterest, you need to post at least 2-5 times per day. Be regular and consistent pinner and you will see results.

Do Manual Pinning:

I don’t recommend automating the process of creating accounts and pins posting as it can be considered as spam by Pinterest and can be taken down easily, even resulting in your account being shut down. So, go with the long term approach, manually post pins and other stuff that you like and want to share, spend 30-40 minutes a day will be enough, be consistent and you will start seeing the results within 1-2 months.

Link 80% Of Your Pins Back To Your Website:

You can also pin other people’s content but most of your pins (80 to 90 percent) should link back to your website that will help improve the social signals of your website and help you gain more traffic.

So, take action today, create your Pinterest Business Account, follow the basics, pin regularly & start getting traffic to your business from the fastest growing Visual Social Media Platform.

Pro Tip: Research shows that most of the Pinterest Audience (more than 70%) are Females. So, If your business is female oriented like you are selling cosmetics, ladies clothes, jewelry, accessories such as ladies hand bags, ladies watches etc, you have a better chance of making sales and getting business success through Pinterest.

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