How to Increase Your Youtube Subscribers

Learn how to increase your youtube subscribers

Proven Ways to Help You Getting More Subscribers To Your Youtube Channel

Video marketing is probably the most effective way to improve your brand awareness and increase your customers, sales and profits.

Among all video marketing sites, Youtube is the leading one. Youtube is a video sharing and marketing platform freely available by google. It allows marketers, bloggers & businesses to promote their products, services and offers by creating, uploading and sharing videos on this platform.

Whether you are a blogger, local business or a fortune 500 company, Youtube offers a great connection point between you and your potential clients.

If you have a youtube channel, your most important goal must be about how you can increase your video views & gain more youtube subscribers. Today I am going to tell you exactly that & how to become an influencer on this top video sharing platform.

Planning your videos before making them available on YouTube

Proper planning in everything you do in life will help you better implementation and improve the outcomes. Before creating your youtube videos, it is important to plan:

  • What your video is about
  • The exact wordings you are going to say in your video.
  • Your video key points you will be focusing on.
  • Your call to actions, like asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel etc.

It is a good idea to write your final video script before your video recording. Read it a couple of times before recording as this will help you avoid making mistakes and create a better quality video for your audience.

Produce High Quality Content

Make sure you provide quality information in your videos. Your video content should be of good quality, informative & engaging as it can lead to increase your subscriber rate.

Key to Providing Quality Content

The key to providing quality content is to know your audience first. If you are able to understand your audience wants, needs and what they are looking for, you will be able to create more compelling content for your videos that can lead to more views and more subscribers.

Using a Branding Wateramark for Custom Subscribe Button

Embedding custom Youtube subscription button in your videos is another way you can offer your viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can use branding watermark to embed your channel logo across you channel videos. Users can directly subscribe to your channel by hovering over the watermark and clicking on it.

How to Use Branding Watermark on Your Videos

Ask for Subscribers

In your videos, simply ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Subscription Request in Video Description

Your video description area is a great place to put more information on what your video is about. It is yet another place from where you can ask your audience to subscribe your youtube channel by clicking on red subscribe button.

Use Cards & Endscreen to help Keeping fans engaged & increase subscriptions

Recently google has discontinued Annotations & let users adding Cards & End Screens in their videos. Cards & Endscreen are mobile friendly tools that let users poll their audience, recommend videos, link to merchandise & more…

Annotations were launched in 2008 but they don’t have support for mobiles. Over the years youtube watchtime on mobile has increased significantly (60 percent of Youtube’s watchtime is now on mobile). This has caused google to take this step of discontinuing annotations, So effective from May 2, 2017 you will no longer be able to add new annotations.

How to add End Screens to Videos

End Screens are part of video that can be shown during the last 5-20 seconds. With End Screens you can also call for subscriptions to your youtube channel.

Learn more about End Screens & how to add End Screens to your videos

YouTube Cards

Similarly youtube cards also allow you to reach more viewers and engaged them with your videos and youtube channel. By using cards, you can point your viewers to other specific URLs, show images, call to actions and more. Cards can add interactivity to your videos and user engagement which can help increasing your video viewership and subscriptions.

Learn more about Youtube Cards

Run Youtube Contest & Giveaways

Running a Youtube contest & giveaways can increase exposure and user engagement with your youtube channel that can result in getting more subscribers.

In a youtube contest, you setup a competition with some rules, regulations and offer a prize or giveaway to the winner. You can allow viewers to enter into contest through different means such as:

  • Ask viewers to subscribe to enter giveaway or contest.
  • Ask users to comment to enter the giveaway or contest.
  • And more…

Running contests on your youtube channel also help you building your brand awareness because youtube gets billions of visits every month. By showing your business or brand in front of such a huge amount of spectators, you can reach large audience and improve your brand and online presence which can result in more subscribers, sales and income.

Run Free YouTube Competitions Through Gleam

Gleam is a business growth platform that allows you to run giveaways & competitions on different platforms including youtube. Checkout Gleam Business Growth Platform Here

Upload Videos Regularly

If you want your Youtube channel to stand-out, you need to increase your video uploading frequency. It is quite understandable why people subscribe to your channel? The simple reason: because they like your videos and they want more content from you.

Youtube subscribers don’t like channels that don’t produce and share videos on regular basis. So, In order to be able to keep up with your subscriber’s requirements, you need to put up and upload videos regularly on your youtube channel.

Consistency is the key factor in building loyal youtube community around your channel and developing a long-term relationship with your subscribers.

So, create and upload your videos on regular basis, ideally 2-3 videos per month.

Video Ending Note

End your videos on a high note & ask your audience to subscribe to your Youtube channel if they liked your video. If you are creating a series of videos, you can also create curiosity among your audience about telling them what your upcoming video will be about. This can force your audience to subscribe to your channel if future video is of their interest.

Video Seo

Optimizing your video content for search engines by using latest seo strategies and best practices will help your video standout in video search results pages on youtube as well as on google and other search engines.

Optimizing Your Video Title

Use of best & most relevant keywords in your video title will make your videos more discoverable for people who are looking for the relevant information on youtube. So, make sure your video title or headline is relevant and optimized as it can Improve the click-through rates.


Tags are another major factor that can rank your videos better on youtube search result pages in front of youtube audience who are looking for similar kind of information. Put relevant tags in tags area during video upload process to improve discoverability.

Video Descriptions

Video description area can be a key place for you to optimize your video to improve its position on youtube search results & on search engines.

Use relevant keywords and phrases in your video description to better optimize the content for your audience. Make sure your content is relevant, engaging, informative and most importantly shareable. This will greatly increase the chances of your videos getting more views and subscribers.

Note: While doing Video Seo, make use of your keywords and tags in a natural way, don’t overdo it or otherwise it can hurt your video seo efforts, Keep it realistic & natural.

Also use tags only in tags area, don’t use them in description text as Youtube removes videos that do that as it violates their terms of services & consider it keyword stuffing and spam.

Live Stream Your Videos

It has been observed that the videos which are live streamed & broadcast on youtube tends to rank better. Better ranking means more views and more potential subscriptions in result.

OBS is an open-source broadcasting software for live broadcasting and streaming your videos to youtube and other video sharing platforms. Checkout OBS here

There is no definite way to increase your youtube subscribers, so the best way is to keep learning new tactics. What works for someone may not work for you, so keep experimenting and exploring new techniques.

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